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The jungle tours are led by our tour operators duly certified by the local authority + the national park in order to organize therse excursions with guides from the indigenous ethnicity "Pemon". We always try to provide the best facilities to guests from other countries some guides speak other languages, such as English, French and Italian. Tours are subject to the navigability of the river, which is usually done in the rainy season as the river level rises and is an appropriate occasion to perform,mainly between June and November. All these tours here included in the Salto Angel Adventure 3 days - minus the tour KAVAC these included in the tour: 5 days Uruyen Kavak + overnight in the Canaima Lagoon at Camp Canaima: (5 star hotel)

Recommendations for excursions:
Carry little luggage and light clothing, Shorts, T-Shirts, Sneakers, Cap, Poncho or light Raincoat, Sunscreen, Swimsuit, Video or Photographic Camera.

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