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Angel Falls Aventure

Try our classic tour this season! Comes with a wide range of different surprises perfectly suited for any business traveler or visits to the Angel Falls. Choose the well known path for the Angel Adventure of 3 days.. Read more!

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The Web page includes AngelFalls.travel best articles and travel information about Canaima National Park. Our Posada and Angel Falls Tours presents tourist services ranked by popularity you can read traveler reviews and guide books. Looking for things to do in Canaima National Park? Check out our page of things to do in Canaima National Park! Visit our forums Canaima National Park to ask questions and get advice about Canaima National Park. Angel Falls forums let you ask questions and get advice post in our forums Canaima National Park. Our Canaima National Park maps page has maps and other travel information for your trip to Canaima National Park.

How much does the Tours costs?

Read more: How much does the Tours costs? Here you can see the prices in your currency: Tours of 3 days - trying to show the real prices is difficult due to the exchange controls in Venezuela in this moment.. -but the prices are calculated with the unofficial exchange rate so it is really a good price now if you pay in your own currency..


Angel Falls Map

Map of Airports - tours and accommodation associated with the Salto Angel and Canaima


Star category

Read more: Star category (Our Star scores) to:Camps, hotels, hostels, tours, transfers and individual providers of travel services.

We take a social approach when we qualify a service tourist in Canaima. For any service in particular, consider a variety of factors, including scores of invited and independent operators, including many years of back feeding of travelers, media recognition, and after study of travelers and friends tour. All these data (at least 1 and up to 8 for each service) are connected to a relaxed formula, which calculates the number of stars. These calculated ratings are reviewed by visitors to help ensure that they reflect the evolution or changes since the elaboration of the qualification. ( Please help us with your reflection of the service down every offered service where it says: reviews: class average: 0.0 - Total votes: 0 click to show comments! here!)

In cases in which the available data are insufficient to meet our standards of service, make an effort to carry out further research, including review of the media and additional visits to the property and the service provider. You can also consult the members of our editorial team for factual information regarding any travel service.
Because we are very proud of nature objective of our grading system, that does not take into account considerations of business to calculate any given qualification, or not use ratings as a negotiating strategy with suppliers.

Lodges, camps, Tours and general travel services:

Number of stars from a hotel is an indicator of the overall quality of a hotel in particular, and is completely dependent on the data available to us. The following descriptions indicate what should be able to expect from a hotel in each of the classes of stars. These descriptions provide general data, on the basis of the many sources of information that go to our number of stars. Circumstances such as ongoing renovations, excess reserves, and the specific needs of results can affect the quality of your stay. (Be sure to let the hotel know any special requests or conditions on check-in.) The star ratings do not necessarily reflect all the amenities or services that may be available at a hotel, and some amenities and features may not be available in every room or at every property with a number of stars in particular. Features and services described here often are not available on the rentals of holidays, villas, inns, bed-and-breakfasts, accommodation and other specialties.

Economy: A four star establishment and service is expected to offer clean, no-frills accommodations with a minimum of facilities on-site for the budget traveler for whom cost is the primary concern. The rooms are usually small, functionally decorated, and you cannot have a room private bathroom, phone in room, or services. The site of food by the general not available. The access of the public and receipt of results may not be available at all times.

Value: These travel services and limited service establishments are expected to offer clean, basic accommodation. These properties may offer some services to companies, but generally lack meeting rooms, baggage assistance, and physical fitness and recreation. The site of food is usually limited to coffee or continental breakfast service. Rooms usually offer private bathroom, phone, TV, and limited services.

Quality: The three star establishments service providers that give a greater emphasis on style, comfort and personalized service. Usually have a dining room, a pool room service and fitness center, a gift shop, and can provide baggage assistance. Conference rooms for meetings and services extended for business travellers are offered. The rooms offer facilities broader and a more careful attention to decor and comfort.

Upper: These high-level travel services establishments tend to offer a fine meal in restaurant, lounge and room service with extended hours. Service functions that usually include baggage assistance, Concierge, valet parking service. A Conference Center with the latest technology and total business services are offered in general. The public spaces and rooms are carefully designed and constructed with high quality materials. Usually rooms offer elegant furniture, clothes of high quality bedding and bath products, and a wide range of services.

Exceptional: the best hotels and tourism services in Venezuela. Five star accommodation and the service is characterized by quotations of luxury, superlative service, and the highest standards of comfort. Five-star hotels offer originality in architecture and interior design, materials of high quality in construction and decoration details special such as fresh flowers and plants in abundance. These properties also maintain a staff of high proportion of guests, gourmet restaurants, and room service 24 hours.

VIP: is officering spaces, the finest furnishings and decor, top quality mattresses, and luxury bath products. Room amenities generally include high-speed Internet access and CD and / or DVD players. Five-star hotels can offer additional recreational facilities such as tennis courts tennis and golf course access. In spa services, a fitness center top-notch, and a swimming pool are usually available, too.


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